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Dissidents may as well blow up my vehicle

I WRITE to you to volunteer to be the next car-bomb target for republicans (News, January 6).

I, too, am a republican and dislike Ireland being partitioned and the people of Ireland divided.

My biggest wish for the people of Ireland is that we can overcome divisions between us and create a new state that all accept and are happy to be citizens of.

I know this can only be done peacefully. Therefore I say to republicans who put bombs under cars: put a bomb under my car.

Doing so - and killing me - would be about as useful as putting bombs under the cars of British soldiers, or members of the police force in the north.

I won't condemn people for struggling to free their countries, but there is a non-violent way. By peace, the people of Ireland can be brought together. When they do so, freedom will follow.

Violence will only entrench divisions and make people bitter and less willing to compromise.

A united Ireland is an invitation, not an imposition. It has to be based on friendship, not force.

It is about convincing people, not coercing them.


Co Kildare


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