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Dissidents' murderous campaign has no support

The inhuman, barbaric and senseless murder of Derry man Ciaran Doherty by the Real IRA is another clear sign of the total futility of these terrorists in their ongoing paramilitary campaign.

The cold-blooded murder is a very grim reminder of the old days of the Troubles when the IRA carried out similar murders, then leaving the body along the roadside.

What is the mindset of these terrorists when they abduct a man, bound and gag him and then carry out such a callous murder?

It is up to both the people of Derry and Ireland to condemn and reject outright the murder of Ciaran Doherty and to demand that this small minority of terrorists end their paramilitary campaign.

If the Real IRA think they are going to free Ireland from British occupation through their campaign of murder and terrorism, they are sorely mistaken.

The road to peace and democratic politics and a political mandate is the only successful route to Irish unity.

The Real IRA does not have a political mandate from the Irish people to carry out murder.

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It is time the Real IRA followed the example of the mainstream republican movement and stopped their futile war which is destined to achieve nothing.


Dundrum, Co Down

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