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Dissidents protest as DPP discusses bike safety

It is hard to believe that these dissidents would try to disrupt an issue about the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. SDLP Councillor Thomas Conway said he would have no difficulty meeting them to discuss things, but they declined the offer. Not surprising.


Caspercassie: agreed. And how much did this meeting cost us - the taxpayers - owing to the unnecessary protest?


If the police can hardly protect their own meeting in Derry City Council offices, how are they going to protect the law-abiding elsewhere in the city?


This is a very important issue as it concerns schoolchildren and safety. Well done dissidents. Your existence shows its own futility.

Farm Dog

Identify the protesters and withdraw their benefits. If they choose to live outside society, society should not reward them.


Clarke must concentrate on his golf

It doesn't matter if Clarke never breaks 90 again. He has achieved what he wanted to do. His golf has been questionable for a few years now - he even wanted to quit last year. Then the Open came along and he was given an opportunity which he took and for that he will be a legend forever.


He's happy and enjoying himself. Why is everyone telling him what to do and what not to do?


Give the guy a break would you? Like many others, I don't care if he doesn't hit the heights of Sandwich 2011 again. Keep doing what you're doing, Clarkie!

The Worsley Kid


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