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Divis Hoods threaten to 'wreck the place'

If they only knew what they looked like - a bunch of brainless no-hopes that will go nowhere. Hope they never have children.

John Cousins

They're a few prats with their mummies' best cutlery. Give 'em a slap around the kite.

Kim Winters

Men in masks from Divis? It's hardly something new.

Andrew Gaskin Jr

These boys should never be allowed to walk the streets.

Gavin Ewing

The people of west Belfast spent years creating a no-go area for police. This is the result of their actions.

Rab Purdy

Just souvenir swords. Nothing to get excited about.

An Scriostoir

Well, if police know who it is, why don't they lift them? Put a placard on them and make them stand in town.

Pauline Quirey

How does someone get to the point in their life where they are so utterly worthless?

Jamie Simmons

They have already caused millions of pounds worth of... improvements.

Philip Hobson

What do they think they look like? Complete and utter wasters.

Donna McAteer

This has to be a joke.

Micheal McNaught

They look pretty brave with their faces covered up, like all terrorists.

Davie Edwards

Anybody who poses like that and is serious should be committed to an asylum.

Sam McMenamy

What a heart-warming picture.

Tobias Wagner

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