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Divisions in UUP show weakness and incompetence

People will appreciate the irony of being lectured on division by James McKerrow (Write Back, February 9).

This is a man who is an elected representative of a party that is riven with division. In his own North Down constituency, it is clear that some people want Lady Sylvia Hermon to remain as the UUP standard-bearer in the forthcoming Westminster election, while others at a more senior level in the UUP are determined to throw her overboard.

After the Hillsborough Castle Agreement, Reg Empey said he needed time to consider it, while David Cameron came out a matter of minutes after the document was published to welcome it.

Senior UUP members support the idea of unionist co-operation, while the UUP Executive chooses to pursue a scorched earth policy that hands Fermanagh and South Tyrone and South Belfast over to nationalists and republicans.

Some UUP people want to be Tories, while others do not. Some support the devolution of policing and justice powers, while some do not. There hasn't been a significant policy area that the Ulster Unionist Party hasn't divided over.

James McKerrow might like people to have short memories, but they do not.

The unionist electorate have no desire for a return to weak leadership and incompetence.




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