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Do cake bakers have any rights?

NOT content with being a laughing-stock over flags, we have now made world headlines because the hissy-fit brigade have exercised their right to be offended because someone has refused to bake them a cake. Well, boo, hoo. Get over it and get a life.

Someone from a pressure/support group was interviewed on the BBC World Service and was of the opinion that the baker had treated the person wanting the cake as a "second-class customer" (or words to that effect).

Even more shocking is the fact that the Equality Commission – an unelected quango, who obviously have nothing better to do – have threatened (and it can't be taken as anything else) to bring this nonsense to court.

Is it their way or no way? Is no one allowed to have any belief or express an opinion that doesn't comply with their dogma? What about the bakers' rights?



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