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Do football clubs deserve public funding?

Congratulations to Glentoran on their cash injection (Sport, December 20).

For a club which seems unable to balance its books, it is fortunate to have a generous sponsor to save the club and pay the players' wages and also to have the added support of the First Minister.

Next they are to be moved to a new stadium where, I presume, public money will be involved.

Big money is being spent on Linfield's ground. Crusaders are hoping to move to a new stadium, as well. Other Irish League grounds have also received grants.

All very well. But these facilities lie largely dormant from one week to the next and, when Saturday comes, only a handful of supporters turn up to watch local games. Next time you see local football highlights on TV, take a careful look at the empty terraces.

Is this really where scarce public funding should be used? Perhaps Glentoran and Crusaders could share a ground?


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