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Do politicians think voters are all stupid?

Our politicians must think the electorate are stupid!

The Kelly Report into MPs' expenses was welcomed by all the local parties. Some suggested the ideas in it are a reflection of their position. Peter Robinson tells us 'most of the DUP recommendations have been adopted by Sir Christopher Kelly.

It's a pity the DUP hasn't adopted its own recommendations. Surely this arrogant waffle from most of the parties is a classic example of 'do as I say, not as I do'.

If Peter Robinson and the DUP, as well as the other parties, want to be taken seriously, they should unequivocally state when their MP/MLA/Cllrs are going to opt for one job only.

Parliament and the political process have been brought into disrepute by the perception that the most of our political representatives are on the make.

Now is the time for decisive action - anything less is hypocrisy.



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