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Do we deserve these politicians?

In a democracy, someone once said, you get the politicians you deserve and I am not sure what the people in Northern Ireland have done to get the bunch of self-opinionated, ne'er-do-wells we have at present.

Watching The Politics Show on BBC on Sunday, all we had was the spectacle of Sammy Wilson sniping at the BBC, journalists in general and then Sinn Fein in particular followed by him extolling the virtues of 'St Peter'.

Then we had John O'Dowd 'chundering' on about the Irish language, all-Ireland institutions and Orange marches.

I thought the St Andrew's Agreement and the current set-up at Stormont was to bring about reconciliation in this community.

All I could see that they had in common was that they both sat with their legs wide apart and their minds were the same.


Dunadry, Co Antrim