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Doctors need a dose of reality before strike

Dr D J Walker's letter (Write Back, June 6) explains why doctors cannot understand the incredulity of their communities.

Dr Walker compares his remuneration enviously with that of a fat-cat banker, rather than any of the 'real people' who comprise his paying public.

He also complains that he has had to work hard for his reward. Well, Dr Walker, many of your patients work even harder for a fraction of your salary and a pension which requires them to continue working into old age.

At 58, I am still working 10 to 14-hour days, often a six-day week (for no extra salary), and neither of my employers in 12 years has made any contribution to my pension. During this time, I've been finance director of a large law firm and its highest-paid employee.

This is the reality faced by many of your patients whom you seek to punish (via strike) because we are not paying you enough.


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