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Dodds tries to whitewash DUP history

Did Nigel Dodds have a memory lapse on Saturday? Or was he just kidding when he said "this party will never condemn their own community before the accusing eye of Sinn Fein" - referencing UUP deputy leader John McCallister's acceptance that unionism didn't always get it right?

Did he genuinely believe that 40 years of attack, criticism and vitriol was suddenly going to disappear from the historical record?

Does he think the history of the DUP - the same DUP that existed solely to criticise and attack every unionist leader from O'Neill to Elliott - was going to be able to have a historical makeover?

If he seriously wants the southern government to face its past and Sinn Fein to do the same, then nothing will be achieved if the DUP insists on denying where it came from. The DUP was a distinctly nasty political party from its inception. Its role in bringing Northern Ireland to its knees and confronting other unionists is well charted. If denial is to be condemned in others, the DUP must rid itself of such hypocrisy too.




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