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Does Ashers not deserve to be treated equally?

Professor Steven Greer's disclaimer idea (News, March 24) shows, I'm afraid, that he has little knowledge of the views of Bible-believing Christians.

It smacks too much of Pilate knowing he was wrong in allowing Jesus to be crucified, but trying to absolve himself of blame by washing his hands.

If Ashers Bakery, or any other Christian in a similar position, were forced to do something their Biblically-informed consciences forbade, no amount of disclaimers would make their situation right in their eyes and they would have to refuse.

It is also ironic that the professor seems to think that no loss, or damage, is suffered by Christians who wish to hold to Biblical views, when the McArthur family, a quiet unassuming Christian family, are facing a court case brought against them by a Government-funded quango - yet the person who instigated the case has suffered no loss as he bought a cake from another bakery without any trouble.

Where is "equality" in all of this?


Tandragee, Co Armagh

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