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Does Attwood need 'dubious' endorsement?

EUROPEAN Parliament president Martin Schulz arrived in Belfast last week to endorse SDLP EU candidate Alex Attwood, as he is entitled to do.

But the question that needs answered is: does the SDLP endorse Martin Schulz?

This is the man who has been censured by a majority of MEPs for cronyism, having appointed his own staff members to parliament administration positions and incorrectly used EU parliament money to finance his campaign to become EU Commission president.

But, more importantly, Schulz pushed through massive cuts to the EU seven-year budget, refusing to accept amendments from MEPs.

This has had disastrous consequences for communities across Europe, including Ireland north and south.

Schulz's Party of European Socialists (PES), to which the SDLP – if elected – would be aligned, to is also committed to promoting European defence co-operation (a European army) with no consideration for the neutrality of Ireland.

The PES also voted to continue EU financial support for Israeli military research, while voting against a proposal from Sinn Fein MEP Martina Anderson to increase funding to tackle youth unemployment.

Maybe Alex Attwood would confirm if these are the austerity and militaristic policies that the SDLP would support in Europe?



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