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Does Nesbitt back SF's anti-UK politics?

During the past few weeks, Mike Nesbitt, leader of the Ulster Unionist Party, has been largely on the same hymn-sheet as Sinn Fein in his approach to the First Minister, Arlene Foster, and RHI. Now, Sinn Fein has drawn him into a much wider election agenda.

The UUP leader has some fundamental questions to answer. Do you, Mr Nesbitt, support Sinn Fein's version of an Irish Language Act? Do you, Mr Nesbitt, support the Sinn Fein demand to haul former soldiers and policeman through the courts, while former terrorists appear to be able to avoid such scrutiny?

Do you, Mr Nesbitt, want to support SF's demand for full implementation of the LGBT legislative wish-list, including a revision of the current definition of marriage? Do you, Mr Nesbitt, admit to irreconcilable differences with Colum Eastwood of the SDLP on the potential demand for joint sovereignty of Northern Ireland should direct rule become inevitable?

Time, Mr Nesbitt, for you to come clean to the electorate.



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