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Does Papal Infallibility apply to all?

As a Protestant who had respect for Bishop Edward Daly during the search for a conclusion to the events of Bloody Sunday in Londonderry, I feel the former bishop is being hypocritical over his recent comments surrounding the Claudy bombing and Fr Chesney in particular.

It would appear that Bishop Daly is in denial over the overwhelming evidence (from both sides of the community, including the Civil Rights campaigner Ivan Cooper, whom Bishop Daly has praised in the past for his principled stand on the 1972 Civil Rights march) and it would appear that the first reaction of the Roman Catholic church (much like the child-abuse scandal) is to reject any criticism.

I thought Papal Infallibility only extended to the Pope, whereas it would seem that bishops and priests in Northern Ireland are covered as well.


Lisburn, Co Antrim


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