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Does safety of pedestrians matter to TransportNI?

MANY commentators (mostly drivers) expressed shock at the imposition of a 20mph speed zone within Belfast city centre (News, January 25).

Some stated that it was simply yet another means to generate revenue from car drivers.

Although this could be viewed as a cynical viewpoint, perhaps I could contrast this move to how TransportNI treated my concerns for pedestrian safety. After being hit from behind by cyclists (neither of whom stopped) on the pavement while walking along East Bridge Street, I wrote to TransportNI, asking for signage to be added to remind cyclists it is illegal to cycle on pavements unless expressly marked.

In reply, TransportNI confirmed that approximately 35% of cycling traffic was using the pavement, but it had no plans to act to mitigate the danger to pedestrians.

Instead, TransportNI suggested I report each and every cyclist to the police.

Given these contrasting policies, am I to conclude that pedestrian safety relies solely on the amount of money safety policies generate?

Perhaps TransportNI could consider passing traffic management in Belfast city centre in its entirety to the PSNI, given that it appears to have washed its hands of some safety considerations?

Am I foolish to think that some of the money generated by this new speed zone will be used to further protect pedestrians?



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