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Does Ulster Bank care about public?

Even though I am not a customer of Ulster Bank, I am dismayed that the current glitch it is experiencing has dragged on for 17 days.

In the current technological age, it is unthinkable that a large financial institution - such as Ulster Bank - could leave its customers in limbo for such a length of time.

The spin and bluster that has been spouted by the powers that be is typical of how the banks treat the ordinary customer.

They appear to behave as if they do not care.

The tone of every press release on the matter reeks of contempt for its customers and, dare I say, customers of other banks who may have payments connected to Ulster Bank.

Four deadlines have already been missed - declared by the bank itself, I may add. This just isn't acceptable.

It begs two questions: What is going on? And, more importantly, what is going to be done to resolve the situation?

I will leave the last word to Thomas Jefferson: "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies."


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