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Does unionism need to accept responsibility?

Jim Allister, your British-manufactured Orange dictatorship was established with the threat of terrorism and murder.

The British Prime Minister, Lloyd George, said if republicans didn't sign the treaty giving Britain control of six of the nine counties of Ulster, Britain would wage terrible war against the Irish people. The setting up of the Orange dictatorship was brought about with the threat of terrorism and murder. In your book, Jim, it depends on who is inflicting the terrorism and murder to get their political way.

You write (February 12): "This is the iniquity which lies at the heart of mandatory coalition and which, along with the toxic veto which it gifts Sinn Fein." Jim, you didn't protest about Britain manufacturing your Orange dictatorship. A violent dictatorship which used discrimination against nationalists and republicans.

In 1969, nationalists and republicans sought peaceful political change through civil rights marches, but unionist responded with violence. Unionists created the environment which gave birth to the Provisional IRA and McGuinness. Why not accept your own creation? If unionism had opted for peaceful political change in 1969 death and destruction could have been avoided.


Draperstown, Co Derry


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