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Dog fighting must stop

I found watching the BBC Panorama programme on dog fighting very disturbing, especially considering the following this blood chilling spectacle of human-induced cruelty has around the world.

Fighting is a common denominator in all forms of animal life, particularly so in the human race. Stags fight during rutting, at times until death, certain strains of fowl likewise, and many others too numerous to mention. Dogs are no different.

However, when known aggressive breeds are purposely trained and encouraged, whether or not as a profit-making exercise, the obvious danger these dogs become to society, especially children and adults, is horrendous.

For children, and society in general, to be protected from such dog savagery the people shown on the programme will surely have to face the courts.

To conclude, I was appalled when I saw the BBC reporter parading an unmuzzled, trained American pit bull dog around Liverpool, just to prove a point.

If ever I saw an irresponsible act endangering society, then that was one.

Harry Stephenson, Kircubbin

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