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Dominance of DUP a reminder of the old days

Ed Curran (Comment, February 6) regrets the DUP/Sinn Fein carve-up at Stormont and the current impotence of the SDLP and UUP.

Besides election majorities, is there a deeper reason for this? It seems that the full power-sharing envisioned by the Good Friday Agreement has been killed off by the DUP.

In 2009, the DUP wounded the Agreement's fundamental tenet: democratic inclusion and its d'Hondt formula for appointing ministers proportionate to parties' mandates. That happened at the appointment of the Justice Minister.

Worse, the DUP now weakens minority parties' inclusion in decision making: OFM/DFM's bulldozing policies through the Executive; accelerated passage of acts stopping committee scrutiny; non-co-operation with cross-border bodies; frequent cross-community votes.

What has Sinn Fein done about DUP dominance? Have any Sinn Fein acts been blocked, as the Irish Language Act was?

It's a reminder of former unionist autocracy.


Newry, Co Down

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