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Donald Trump's wall unworkable flight of fancy

Why does Donald Trump think a wall between the USA and Mexico is going to keep out illegal immigrants?

Did the Maginot Line keep Hitler out of France? No. Hitler's forces just went around it. Did the Great Wall of China keep the Mongols out of China? No. They just went around it. Did a wall around Rome keep out the Vandals? No.

I've just spent an evening in a bar in Manhattan with an illegal immigrant who has been living in New York for over nine months.

How is Donald's wall going to keep illegal immigrants out of Manhattan? They are just going to go around his wall.

America's immigration policy needs well-paid, professional, trained people to enforce it. No wonder Trump wants Mexico to pay for this wall of his.

When the American people realise Donald's wall hasn't worked, they are going to be pretty cross if the project is paid for with their US tax dollars.


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