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Donor culture is damaging to democracy

"hearts and Minds" last Thursday about the funding by wealthy donors of political parties was very revealing.

Many voters will be amazed and not a little annoyed to find that every party receives this significant and covert funding. It is surely the case that the wealthy donors actually control our society through these donations.

What is required is not that the names of these donors should be publicised, but that they should be stopped from interfering in the political arena. Many voters will know that not a single politician would do anything to upset these donors. So they effectively rule the roost. This is sadly what we call "democracy".

This arrangement is not without consequences and indeed proved almost fatal for the economy of the Republic. Their property bubble was a particular manifestation of this listening only to the very wealthy, who were making a fortune out of it and wanted it to go on for ever.

It's time our politicians owned up this fundamental flaw in our democracy.

John O'Connell


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