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Don't be blown off course by EU opportunists

Last week, Westminster energy minister John Hayes publicly whiplashed wind farms, seemingly to the satisfaction of our prime minister.

Hayes was rejecting the installation of any more wind turbines in Great Britain. He is, in my opinion, right in this approach.

Enough is surely enough for these monstrosities, which are proving to be a waste of public money.

The current EU directive demands that, by 2020, the UK produces 32% of its electricity from renewables.

However, the EU will soon produce an updated directive forcing the adoption of a target for more wind-power electricity than its already mad figure of 32%.

Yet, just as Minister Hayes has taken a popular decision, Northern Ireland has been blown off course by opportunists forcing a gold-plated EU directive on Northern Ireland and frightening the pants off the Executive. We, it seems, are to press ahead destroying our landscapes with thousands of these massive wind towers.

We said no to many things before. Join me now in making our voices known in rejection of the wind farm folly being planned for Northern Ireland.


MLA for Strangford

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