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Don't be fooled. It's still all about Peter Robinson, not us

THERE is nothing more desperate than a desperate politician - especially one who wishes to create a legacy and gain his place in the House of Lords.

Peter Robinson's 'One last push' platform piece (News, October 19) filled me with contempt, not hope. The revamped IMC can say anything it likes this week and the DUP will be back at their desks faster than the proverbial rat up the drainpipe.

Regardless of how the Belfast Telegraph attempts to spin this latest missive from our First Minister-in-absentia, nothing has changed and Peter Robinson's actions over the last three months have been incoherent, illogical, or totally unprincipled.

The DUP's partial withdrawal from government, forced on them by the Ulster Unionists, with their in-out policy, was an election avoidance mechanism and an unmitigated disaster.

By the end of this week the IRA will still have been active in a murder on our streets, Sinn Fein will still be in denial about the IRA's activities and the Northern Ireland budget will still not have been reconciled.

So, why will Peter lead his legions back into government? Because he never wanted to be out of government in the first place.

Brace yourselves for the agreement to end all agreements, which will deliver nothing.

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But should we be surprised? It's not about the country nor the people; since it's the DUP, it's all about the ministerial car, the ministerial salary and the ever-present ministerial advisers.


Portadown, Co Armagh