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Don't blame doctors, it's the Government

Surely we cannot reach much lower into the abyss of governmental incompetence than the announcement that doctors in the NHS have voted for strike action over demands that they reduce their living standards.

Here we have a group of people who, by their compassionate nature, have chosen a profession to benefit others less fortunate in life. Undoubtedly, they are caring, intelligent people, who could easily have made it to the top in other professions.

Their choice of a career was not in banking, where they would be worth 10 or 20 times more in financial rewards.

No: their career was a 'calling' within them; a very worthy calling at that, for which millions of citizens are most grateful to them.

The UK minister of health, Andrew Lansley, need not worry about the public showing an adverse reaction to doctors striking - they are fully aware of where the problem lies. It is with the gross incompetence of the present and previous governments. Such incompetence will take a lot more than a doctors' strike to solve.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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