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Don't dare ban us from any beauty contests


I LOVED Gail Walker's article on beauty contests on Tuesday, October 29 and I agree totally with her sentiments.

However, it's unfortunate that women still face prejudice, particularly where age is concerned.

I'm fast approaching 40 and have been modelling (for fun) for years and I intend to continue doing so for as long as the opportunities arise.

I have often lied about my age when a modelling job came up simply because I knew that if I told the truth I wouldn't get the job – simple as that. Talk about discrimination.

My latest project was taking part in the North West 200 contest – and as a mother of three kids and in my late 30s I was still out there strutting my stuff on that catwalk and giving as good as any 18-year- old there. How dare anyone tell us ladies when we're "washed up" or too old. I will never listen to the negativity surrounding age.

We older ladies have a place in the modelling arena and it's high time we were more frequently represented. It's easy to look good when you're young and have had no babies, no stretch marks or bits of cellulite here and there – but to look good at 40, 50, 60 and beyond – that really is an achievement which should be appreciated and celebrated.

As far as banning them goes – well I'd say it's not the beauty contest that's out of touch but the people who make such ludicrous suggestions.


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