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Don't deny humanity of developing foetus

I agree with CDC Armstrong's criticism of David Fullerton's reply to my letter on abortion. The relationship between mother and baby is indeed dependence, not parasitic.

Pro-abortionists like to deny the humanity of the developing foetus. They are wrong.

At conception the DNA is complete and awesomely intricate processes proceed in rapid succession.

DNA design distinguishes the human zygote from all other creatures and, in fact, from all other humans.

David should take note of this.

On women taking responsibility for their own bodies, in pregnancy two human lives are intertwined and only in exceptional circumstances should abortion happen - not routinely, as in England.

Otherwise fine people can absorb an ideology that creates a blind spot that allows a wrong thing to be done without disturbing the conscience. For example, slavery.

When the Son of God took on flesh and was conceived in the womb of Mary, she went shortly afterwards to visit Elizabeth, who was then six months' pregnant with John the Baptist.

As Mary greeted her, the baby leaped in her womb for joy at the presence of her Lord (Luke 1). Thus the Saviour's personality was recognised from the start.

In Psalm 139 the author acknowledges God's awareness of his development in the womb: "Your eyes saw my unformed body."

In view of the foregoing, I make no apology for what David calls my emotional language.


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