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Don't forget all that we have to enjoy


On a radio broadcast on Sunday, the speaker in the morning service suggested that there 'wasn't much to be optimistic about' in the world today.

May I, respectfully, recommend a walk through a forested area to experience the awe and wonder of the autumnal display of colour emblazoned for everyone to admire and be inspired.

A drive through the country reveals exquisite properties and well kept land - probably, as good as anywhere in the world.

Motability cars are in evidence for many who deserve them. Social housing units are being renovated to include double glazing and, even, solar panels. Young people are starting university full of hope.

All this is evidence of the amazing blessings from a Divine Creator.

Yes, of course, material possessions do not offer all the necessary answers in our lives.

Spiritual renewal is a priority, as is our duty to continually seek support for the sick and the impoverished.

However, to preach a gospel of despair and ingratitude flies in the face of the grace in evidence all around us.

Such a message of despair is counterproductive in the challenge of encouraging all of us to embrace a wider and deeper philosophy of life.




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