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Don't forget the border chaos if we quit Europe

On my arrival in the province in a multi-tier election year a decade ago, I was struck by the blissful silence beforehand. The penny dropped; there were no floating voters.

According to Robert Peston, this month's solo tick amounts to "rich" versus "immigration control", yet everyone and their donkey is sharing ideas.

There'll be an excellent turnout, as we're being halter-led into thinking that we'll decide an issue, rather than reshuffle the pack.

I'm old enough to remember life before minimum wage and maximum working hours and can't remember the UK ever being in control of its borders, as evidenced by large scale people-smuggling onto these islands and public services, such as the NHS, not billing non-UK citizens.

Call me a cynic, but the UK's well-paid political caste can't feel the pain of NHS queues and exclusion from social housing, or local state schools, due to exploding demand.

If/when we leave the EU, who will we blame for the border chaos?


Co Down

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