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Don't forget who started this round of conflict

I am in my 70s and never in my life did I think I would be agreeing with Ruth Dudley Edwards, but she is spot on. The only flaw in her article 'Propaganda oblivious to Jewish tears as it stokes the fires of anti-Semitism' (July 24) is that she uses it to have a dig at Sinn Fein.

I too live in London where non-Jewish supporters of Israel tend to keep their heads down. However, when the subject of the present conflict comes up, I just remind friends of three points:

Firstly, this conflict was triggered not by Israelis but by the murder of three innocent Jewish teenagers whose bullet-riddled bodies were found near Hebron.

Secondly, Hamas rockets are not home-made contraptions as many would have us believe, but sophisticated hardware manufactured in China and supplied by Iran.

Thirdly, the oil-rich Gulf states could, if they wished, flood the Palestinian territories with enough resources to eliminate poverty and create a thriving and peaceful society. Why don't they? It suits them to retain that place as a weeping sore alongside Israel to court global anti-Semitism and compassion for Palestinian suffering.

The misery of Palestinians we see on our TV screens is truly heartbreaking but we should never forget who is responsible for triggering this conflict this time round. Hamas leaders have now proved beyond doubt they are immune to the suffering and death their war has caused on their own doorstep. Their hate and jealousy of the Jews blinds them to all other considerations.

Moya St Leger


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