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Don't hold any NW200 races on the Sabbath

THERE has been much Stormont consultation regarding the extension of racing times during the North West 200.

This event is of great benefit to our community and is supported by people from not just the province, but much further afield.

Last year, the weather rendered it impossible to hold the event on the Saturday, which has led to discussion about granting contingency days in the event of such circumstances occurring again.

While I am not opposed to the extension of racing times between Monday and Saturday, I am opposed to the potential running of races on a Sunday, which the new legislation allows for.

The word of God is clear that one day in seven, the Sabbath, is to be held in honour and respect.

As a Christian minister, I am saddened that many within our Government – some of whom are professing Christians – have not sought means to safeguard a fundamental principle, which is based solidly in the word of God.

It is yet another erosion of the Christian principles which our land has been so blessed under.


Coleraine Free Presbyterian Church

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