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Don't judge all Muslims by the actions of a few

I READ your article about the Garissa University attack (News, April 2) and realised it has become a fact that atrocities are being committed in the name of Islam. It is, however, not a fact that Islam encourages this.

A religion, or faith, is defined by what its principles are. For instance, the Holy Book of Muslims says: "There should be no compulsion in Religion" [2:257].

Some Muslims commit acts of brutality, but this should not be mixed up with Islam's teachings, nor with any other faith.

While there are extremists who hog the world's limelight, there are also people across the globe who work for peace.

At the Ahmadiyya Muslim movement's annual peace symposium in London in March, the Caliph, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, said: "Peace can only be built upon the solid foundation of honesty, integrity and justice."



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