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Don't let big business dictate your vote on Europe

Over the coming months, we will be bombarded with "advice" from big business/political party leaderships across the UK.

We would all do well to remember how big business has served us up to now, with the not insignificant recession caused by some of the very same banks which will now, no doubt, advise us to stay in the EU.

It's undeniable that, if the UK was out of the EU, fewer people would be chasing each low-skilled job. UK citizens would be competing in a smaller pool, as opposed to all EU citizens with a legal right to live and work here.

This is why big business will vehemently oppose an exit from the union; the oversupply of labour gives them more choice of employees.

The EU, as it stands, means everyone in the UK job market knows there's always someone from struggling countries ready to take your job. This is no climate for wage rises, or permanent employment.

The other weapon of the Remain camp is to tell us that, if we leave, the rest of the EU will somehow suddenly stop wanting to trade with the UK. People aren't that stupid.

Will Volkswagen not want to sell cars here any more? Will Spanish hotels and resorts not want to sell to us any more? Of course these things will continue - because it's in both sides' interests. Make your own mind up and take big business with a pinch of salt.



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