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Don’t let bigots win

Once again the bigots have managed to politicise an event which had no bearing upon events in this country past or present.

Sinn Fein plans to have a counter demonstration on the planned day of the return of the RIR soldiers from Afghanistan.

Once again they are politicising an event completely unrelated to this country, save the fact that the troops are from the island of Ireland.

Those men have fought bravely side by side, ate, slept and died side by side and not ever has one of them been concerned over what his comrades’ political or religious views were over the past two or three years. They are proud, brave men who deserve our respect and do not deserve to be made the target of some other republican agenda.

The fact that those troops are for the most part Irish, whether from the North or South, seems irrelevant. The fact that many have returned scarred and maimed and some did not return at all, is to Sinn Fein also irrelevant. It seems the only fact that is causing them grief is that they are British troops.

It is apparent that while there is any hint of Britain in Ireland Sinn Fein will not rest. I wonder would they reject the Queen’s coin as readily?

Perhaps we should ask our elected republican Deputy First Minister and the rest of his Stormont supporters to hand back their wages in protest at being asked to work within HM Government in the Assembly?

Ex soldier


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