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Don't let Sinn Fein and DUP drag us all back from peace

The disgusting and despicable actions of Gregory Campbell and Gerry Adams must not extinguish our hope of building a united and shared society.

Our people in the North must ask themselves: what do we want for our children's future? Do we want our children to suffer the same economic and social depression as we currently do? Those are hard questions, but ones we must consider in order to move our society forward together.

The disrespectful comments by Gregory Campbell do not represent the views of the wider Protestant, unionist community and the appalling insults hurled by Gerry Adams do not represent the wider views of the Catholic, nationalist community. Our communities as one are disgusted with DUP/SF and their divisive point-scoring agendas.

As they rip each other apart, we have people dying because we do not have the same access to cancer drugs as the rest of the UK. Unlike these two parties, cancer does not discriminate and this should be a priority for Stormont. It is clear Sinn Fein and the DUP have no intention putting our people first.

People can, however, make the right decision in the next election and vote for the moderate parties. The SDLP, alongside the UUP, delivered us all the greatest gift of peace and the opportunity to build a united and shared future together; we must not allow SF and the DUP to drag us back.




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