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Don't listen to Remain luvvies

Some media EU luvvies are flapping around at the behest of their Tory backers in the CBI, big business and bankers. Those in Cameron's and Osborne's pocket rolling out letters of support to remain in the EU. Driving the media to pose the question: where are the business people backing the exit campaign?

Well, the numbers are in small-to-medium companies, the backbone of our economy. They are also in larger businesses.

These sound people, who grow their markets and risk their own money, are not the type to do interviews. They don't have lackeys fronting organisations paid for by corporations using our taxes. They don't have time to neglect their business and employees.

There is a genuine worry that organisations paid for by Government funding and their Champagne Charlie chairmen and CEOs are under orders to toe the line on staying in Europe. That is wrong. So, let's clear the pitch without the flunkies speaking for their paymasters.


Ukip leader in Northern Ireland

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