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Don’t overlook the Jewish sacrifice in war

Whether intentionally or not, Kevin Myers casts a horrendous slur against the Jewish contribution to the Allied war effort during the Second World War (Belfast Telegraph, July 2).

No amount of half-baked research can hide the fact that over 70,000 British Jews served in the UK's Armed Forces during the war and 3,000 of these “non-martial people” were killed in action.

The extent of the Jewish community's sacrifice is recognised each year at a special ceremony at the Cenotaph in London. This is held a week after the Christian Remembrance Service.

I cordially invite Mr Myers to attend next year's march past the Cenotaph by Jewish veterans and war heroes.

Let him discuss with them |his theory that Hitler was a friend of the British empire, that he had no desire to invade England and that it was only “stubborn stupidity” on their part that caused them to resist.

Steven Jaffe

Belfast representative, |Board of Deputies of British Jews.

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