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Don't pay parking costs

To the residents of the Markets and Lisburn Road areas of Belfast, where Regional Development Minister Conor Murphy is planning to charge residents in the region of £40 to ensure parking spaces in their own streets, I say don't pay.

You have already paid for using the thoroughfares through road tax, extortionate VAT and fuel duty on petrol and diesel. We are getting bled white just to keep ministers and MLAs in obscene luxury up at Stormont.

Instead of penalising the residents, why not make parking in these streets for residents only with notices to that effect, issue stickers for their cars and penalise those cars who don't display valid stickers.

As far as I'm concerned, this Stormont Assembly has done nothing for me and lots of other people, only bringing in water rates, charging us for their subsidised meals and making sure family members have well paid 'positions'.



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