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Don’t rely on our politicians to help PMS

Admission of one’s own faults |is an admirable quality and, as such, Dr Stafford Carson, the outgoing Moderator, is to be commended for realising that he was “naive” in accepting Gordon Brown’s working party solution to the Presbyterian Mutual Society crisis.

However, I do believe Dr Carson could, and possibly should, have gone further; the crisis around the PMS has equally not been resolved due to the ineptitude of our local politicians, their lack of influence at Westminster, their mistakes at Stormont and their frequent buck-passing.

In this political context, Dr Carson’s reliance on David Cameron’s pre-election pledge seems somewhat embarrassing.

If the truth be told, the electorate of Northern Ireland, and probably the majority of Presbyterians, rejected David Cameron and his party.

Instead, they voted for our own home-ground variety of quite ineffective MPs, whose abilities only seem to stretch as far as personal expenses claims.

If David Cameron does sort this mess out it should stand as a lesson to those who place their hopes in our local political nonentities. When the real decisions have to be made, relying on our politicians delivers nothing.



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