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Don’t return to the dark days

As a former soldier who served in Northern Ireland and now leader of a local authority which has had to cope with division and tragedy within our own boundaries in recent years, I wanted to offer my absolute

support to the people of the province at this difficult time.

Watching from a distance, it is clear that the overwhelming majority of Northern Ireland residents have moved on from the dark days of the Troubles and have no wish whatsoever to see the past return.

But, in the wake of the barbarous terrorist attacks of recent days, there is understandable fear, anger and uncertainty across all sections of the community.

I wholeheartedly believe that the unity of purpose amongst local people and politicians alike, which is so apparent, will see Northern Ireland stand firm and come through this challenging period stronger than ever before.

Too much progress has been made for any other outcome to even be considered.

Cllr Kris Hopkins

Leader of Bradford Council

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