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Don't use organ donation as a political football

I think the DUP are correct on this one. If I am to give the Government rights over my body then I want to see that the utmost care has been taken in drafting legislation. I need confidence in the procedures used to declare brain death. One of the tests must be EEGs carried out on separate days.


I also want a guarantee that my organs are for NHS use only and that there will be no private medical involvement.


'Everything is too important' to be used as a political football, but that's what politicians do – they use everything to forward their own agenda, and actually doing something for the greater good is a myth.



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Agreement can only be reached by a process of negotiation, and in their present form, the Haass proposals appear only agreeable to Sinn Fein and the SDLP. You cannot pressurise people here, and many years of the most aggressive and extreme form of bullying have proven this does not work.


It is time for us to pile on the pressure. Get out and use your vote. Together we can remove the extremist fundamentalists from power. Vote for the politicians of the moderate middle ground, only they can move us forward.


This from the Vice-President of a country that practically encourages citizens to own and use firearms to deter intruders and terrorists. A country that salutes the Stars and Stripes flag in every council office and classroom.