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Don't wait to tell someone you care

Referring to one of the last celebrity deaths of 2016, that of pop icon George Michael, a TV soccer pundit and former professional footballer tweeted: "Wouldn't it be lovely if death gave us a day's notice so giants like George Michael could see how much they were revered and adored?"

This tweet obviously resonated with a lot of people as it was retweeted over 7,000 times and liked over 30,000 times. My question is: who would that benefit?

No doubt it would give people the opportunity to express their appreciation of the person involved, but why wait until a person's impending death to do this?

What would it be like for the about-to-die person? I wonder if they would ask themselves where all these people were during their lives.

Would such an outpouring of appreciation and thanks to someone in their last few hours make their departure from the planet all the more difficult?

Funerals are important but they benefit the living. They allow people the opportunity to grieve over someone they knew or loved and also to give support to the family and friends.

A person lives their life from birth to death. If there is anything death teaches us it is to appreciate our own lives and those of our loved ones. We do not have to wait until the very last moment to express our feelings.


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