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Doubting Brexit is the opposite of childish

Since June 23, the most frequent slander aimed at the 48% of us who voted to remain in the EU is that we are behaving like spoilt children, because we don't like the result.

The accusation is almost always accompanied by a short, patronising and invariably wrong-headed lecture on the meaning of democracy.

Our democracy does not require us all to conform to the will of the majority - our culture gives us freedom of thought.

Our democracy gives us freedom of speech and action (within the law).

It is right and proper for any citizen to continue to say and do what he or she thinks is right for this country.

The surest way to kill this democratic culture is to fail to exercise those rights.

There are, however, some much better reasons why Brexit has gained no converts among the 48%.

In the five months since the referendum, leading Brexiteers have been unable to provide any consistent explanation of what Brexit actually means and continue to suffer the humiliation of having a Remainer leading the effort to define it for them.

Without a commonly understood goal, there can be no plan.

Without a plan, there can be no effective riposte to those of us who argue that there are very considerable dangers ahead if we continue this course of action.

Yet, if we say this, we are continually told that we are behaving like children.

We are not children. We are the grown-ups in the room.


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