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Dour Calvinism is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Rev ET Kirkland accuses me of "reviling" Alf McCreary and "hatred of Calvinism" (Write Back, February 17). His allegation, in regard to your columnist and my regard for him, is utterly absurd.

As regards Calvinism, disagreement with a man's opinions (John Calvin's) does not equate with "hatred", except in the sad mentalities of those who delight in taking offence.

Calvin's ideas - and the later additions to, and interpretations of, his opinions - have, indeed, influenced the confessional statements of some Christian Churches.

Nevertheless, Calvinism, with its bleak, dour and limited outlook, is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I believe that John Calvin himself now realises his error.


Crossgar, Co Down

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