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DRD must spend money on where it is needed most

It is criminal that our statutory bodies allowed a situation to exist whereby a mother and her young children had to walk along a busy, dark rural road for some distance to meet a school bus.

This week's very tragic death could so easily have been avoided if those in authority exercised joined-up thinking about road safety.

In March 2011, DRD spent in the region of £65,000 installing speed bumps on two quiet residential streets in Bangor - streets that did not (and still do not) need them. They said it was to improve safety and cut accidents. One of the streets had a record of one minor accident over 10 years, the other has no accident record. How is this expense of public money justified? This money was wasted.

I now feel DRD should have spent that money on places where road safety improvements were very obviously needed, perhaps Cloughmills.

This shows the nonsense of official safety policy. Too many unaccountable officials and a budgeting system that is insane.


Bangor, Co Down

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