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DRD needs to address its road safety flaws

The recent, terrible crash at Ballycrochan Road in Bangor, in which two young people were seriously hurt, illustrates the flawed approach to road safety by DRD Roads Service.

Here is a stretch of road well known to them as one presenting particular hazards and difficulties and on which there have now been two very serious accidents in less than two years, one of them fatal. And yet Roads Service do nothing about it, in spite of many calls for action.

Good road surfaces and well-maintained and properly engineered roads make enormous contributions to general road safety, yet Roads Service continues in its silo mentality with regard to budgets. Maintenance and road safety budgets are kept separate, seemingly refusing to accept the logic that the two are symbiotic, belong together and cannot exist without the other. These budgets and projects should be working in harmony, not in isolation.

We need an approach to road safety that is pragmatic, logical, sensible, free from petty political influence and knee-jerk emotional reactions and wholly transparent. DRD Roads Service does not seem to be providing that.

Perhaps they will, in the near future, re-engineer Ballycrochan Road in Bangor to bring it up to standard for the amount of traffic it now carries.


Bangor, Co Down

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