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Dress to impress — who?

When I first read the letter from Concerned Christian (Write Back, September 18), I wondered if it was a joke.

Then I remembered that this is Northern Ireland, where some dinosaurs still rule the earth.

I am probably not as well up on my Gospel quotations as Concerned Christian, but isn't there somewhere in the Bible where it says ‘God looks not on the outside of man but at the soul?’ or words to that effect? I can only imagine that CC wasn't paying attention to the sermon that day to be able to observe so accurately what fellow worshippers were wearing (or not wearing). Oh, those shameless hussies, daring to enter the House of God bareheaded! They'll surely burn in Hell for that (in which case there'll be standing room only — if being hatless is such a mortal sin). As for clothing styles in general, I can see a book/TV series there in the making!

An alternative to Trinny and Susannah — What to Wear Even If It Makes You Look Terrible (as only then will God be pleased).

Sorry, but my God isn't like that. He reserves His anger for bigger things like cruelty, bigotry and silly narrow-minded people who waste His time by penning feverish epistles.

Now, where did I put my burkha?



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