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Driven to despair on city's streets

I AM driven to write a letter based on recent experiences, both as a pedestrian and a driver in Belfast.

I took a short trip one evening to the Lisburn Road. I saw several cars parked on the zig-zag lines adjacent to pedestrian crossings. This is both illegal and a real danger to people crossing.

When I went to walk across the road, on a recognised pedestrian crossing, a car drove through the red light when I was half-way across. On my return to my car, not just one, but two cars raced through just after the light turned to red. All this in a 10-minute trip.

Taxis seem to be immune from double yellow lines, and regularly sit in dangerous positions blocking the sight-lines for drivers emerging from side streets.

It used to be the norm for drivers on main roads, blocked by traffic, to give way to cars turning in from side roads. Increasingly rare now. Cutting up the inside is now a regular event. Use of indicators and lane discipline both seem to be optional.

I would appeal to your readers to try to drive more carefully and courteously, to make our streets a safer place for us all.



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