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Driven to distraction by DVLA bureaucracy

I AM caught in the midst of a bureaucratic morass with DVLA Swansea, the effect of which is that a new car (new and unregistered in dealer showroom, not an import) which I purchased on June 16 from a showroom in Bristol, is still in the showroom rather than my driveway, and is likely to be so for at best another four weeks and at worst forever.

Because (apparently) of my Northern Ireland address, the Bristol garage had to apply to the manufacturer, for a 'certificate of conformity', before applying to register the car. That took three weeks. I then had to obtain an insurance cover note for the unregistered car (something which my insurance company were only prepared do for a period of seven days).

The application was submitted by first class post on July 10. I was subsequently informed by DVLA on July 18 that as Swansea would be taking over responsibility for all Northern Ireland Vehicle registrations from July 21, that anything they had with a Northern Ireland address was being set aside until July 21 and that all applications would take 10 working days to deal with.

I queried the status of my application, pointing out that by that time my insurance cover note would have expired. They have today informed me that it was "likely" that my application for vehicle registration would be returned to the dealer, due to the insurance having expired and as they take 10 working days to process an application, that when I reapplied, I should provide them with a cover note, valid for three weeks (something which my insurance company have informed me they are unable to do).

They are prepared to provide an unlimited length cover note upon receipt of a vehicle registration number, but Swansea won't provide this till the vehicle is registered!




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