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Driverless cars lack a human's instinct

The human brain has an enormous capacity to accumulate experience. This has enabled me, when driving on the motorway, to anticipate that a man with a petrol can was going to run across the carriageway in front of me, that a car veering off on the hard shoulder would veer back on to the carriageway and stop in front of me and that the widening gap between two lights was a car approaching me in my lane.

Then, there is the ability to respond to torrential downpours, snow, fog and gusts of wind and differentiating between hard and soft debris.

Artificial intelligence is based upon generalisations on large databases. It does not yet have sufficient detailed knowledge to replace drivers of cars. Until it does, it should assist, but not replace, drivers.

I would rather be the passenger in a driverless train, or plane, than on a road surrounded by driverless cars.


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